Leveraging the accumulated contribution…

The security of our families and fellow community members as well as the upkeep of Cowies Hill and surrounds concerns each one of us. After months of planning and debate, the joint association committee feel that we have a viable solution to take to the community – Estate style precinct management, with the joy of living in Suburbia. Through numerous discussions with adjoining neighbourhood watches, we have concluded that the best way forward is to pool our resources and in this way, achieve the necessary critical mass to generate the funds to implement a truly professional and highly effective outcome.
As has been the case for some time, financial stability is at the core of any successful endevour.

To ensure we don’t fall into the trap of over-promising and under-delivering we have set a minimum threshold of 70% contribution to proceed.  Once we reach this critical mass, we will be able to deliver solutions to the suburb which have been budgeted and established already.

Much of the frustration felt by Committee members and residents is rooted in our reality of penny pinching and achieving to date, a best effort solution.  This will change.  The end goal has been used to define the budget and has been the driver for the proposed new model.

The current voluntary model which we are part of or not part of, has followed its natural life cycle.
The increase in crime last year saw a marked increase in rand contribution for the association. But once crime abated, the ‘out of sight, our of mind’ mindset kicked in and this contribution immediately began to decline.
As it stands today, we risk losing it all.

We, as a community, are at a watershed moment. 

stakeholders in the proposed model

Driving Privatised Community Management – in conjunction with law enforcement and various other stakeholders.



  1. Cowies Hill Security Management Association (CHSMA)

  2. Cowies Estate Security Management Association (CESMA)

  3. Woodside Avenue Association

  4. Josiah Gumede (previously Old Main Road)

  5. East Cowies Hill Association (ECH - Previously CHCWA)


Businesses operating inside Cowies Hill Estate

For any community to thrive, support across local businesses is critical. This colaborative effect is so much more powerful when resources are pooled and whole communities can engage with goods and services on offer in a specific area. We would like to see this become a braoder reality by driving communication and promotion of these businesses through the Estate programme marketing avenues.


South African police service (SAPS)

The involvement of SAPS in any successful crime prevention strategy is critical. Through a structured engagement between CPF, Neighbourhood Watch teams and Estate Management we can leverage the collective power of what the Estate has to offer.

All processes, data capturing and analytics has been designed in line with adding maximum value to SAPS and their pivotal role in securing our Estate.

Monthly and ad hoc meetings between the Estate management security teams and SAPS will ensure the seamless and succinct transfer of important information between all parties.


METRO Police

eThekwini Metro are an integral part of ensuring law and order and equally important to the success of and community solution.

Intelligence sharing and coordinated activities in our area will ensure that Council by-laws and general good governance is maintained.

Metro police have a pivotal role to play in crime prevention and vehicle control in and around the Estate.

Privatised Community Management is a reality that awaits us

the choice we have to make…

We are on the cusp of losing it all due to attrition and member apathy.  On the road we currently are on, we will soon have even less than we did before.

We can either re-write the playbook on community solutions in South Africa, and see our property prices and peace of mind change or we can do nothing, and stand by and watch what we have fall away.