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The new model allows us to institute 3 dedicated mobile teams within the Estate.

  • This will result in a 1 car : 175 household ratio. Currently, the ratio is sitting closer to 1 car: 1000 households.

  • Response times will be less than 180 seconds on average.

  • Select vehicles will contain two trained personal.

  • All vehicles will constantly patrol the Estate 24/7. This will significantly supplement the private patrol teams .

  • The dedicated vehicle and staff will fulfill a range of Estate management functions in addition to their security roles.

There is a current misconception that Cowies Hill rates are covering dedicated vehicles. Currently, we have no dedicated vehicles to the area. Patrol vehicles service other areas in the West City Precincts, and are sent here ad-hoc and park in Cowies Hill on a rotation basis.



Cowies Hill Estate will have dedicated staff in the Control Room to exclusively manage interaction with Estate members. The Control Room will be manned 24/7.

Function of the Control Room staff will include:

  • Monitoring members home alarms

  • Monitoring Estate CCTV cameras

  • Monitoring Estate ANPR camera alerts

  • Coordinating response plans

  • Updating SAPS and Metro to confirmed active crimes

  • Responding to issues raised on the community app

  • Logging Estate issues with the respective Council Departments on behalf of members

  • Coordinating necessary medical services if required

Community sewing technology back into SAPS where it is most needed - bringing them into the technological revolution and inspiring hope amongst crime fighters.



The proposed Estate budget allocates funds for the ongoing and significant investment in technology to help the precinct to become proactive in crime prevention. Through the consistent investment in technology the coverage of the Estate will continually be bettered.

The investment will ensure:

  • More than 50 cameras installed as part of phase 1.

  • Using modern video analytics to assist with surveillance.

  • 24/7 monitoring of all Estate cameras from the Control Room.

  • All previous foot patrol roots will be covered by 24/7 monitoring and the dedicated vehicles.

  • Cameras will be erected along high risk boundary lines

Assisting in Pre-Emptively fighting crime in our area instead of reacting to information, we collect data and create our own stories about what is happening in our community in real time.

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The Estate model based on the idea of frictionless access control. Where increased control is achieved without impacting or restricting access.

Instead, through consistent and intelligent monitoring of vehicle movement in and out the area with risk escalation to the dedicated vehicle, control is ensured.

  • More than 13 vehicle licence plate cameras installed in and around the Estate as part of phase 1

  • All main entrances to the Estate will have cameras

  • Unmanned automated boom points on select internal roads

  • Direct, real-time links to SAPS

  • Ability to separate known from unknown (trusted) vehicles as they enter.

  • Always on, always watching. Day, night and through all weather.

Area Greening      The aesthetic appeal of the area is as much a property valuation benefit as it is a crime prevention tool.

Area Greening

The aesthetic appeal of the area is as much a property valuation benefit as it is a crime prevention tool.


Some call it the broken window theory, others common sense. A well kept, continually uplifted area is good for property prices and directly aids in crime prevention.

While crime prevention will always take priority, staff employed by the Estate will also act as precinct monitors. Part of their daily function will be to report back on issues and concerns relating to the aesthetics and general running of the Estate.

  • Weekly interaction with the correct Council Department for action. 

  • All items will be logged with tracking numbers on the community portal and followed through to conclusion by the Estate Management team.

  • The concierge service in the Control Room will be for members to log issues and get feedback.

  • The in-field teams will take on additional roles which will include;

    • Notifying control of issues with lights, water, pot holes as well as parks and open areas

    • Collecting tagged dogs and returning them if possible

    • Marking & coning off risks on the road


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